Drawing and Painting Course. 6 consecutive weeks. Starting June 18 10am-12pm


Drawing and Painting Course. 6 consecutive weeks. Starting June 18 10am-12pm


6 consecutive Tuesday from June 18 to July 23rd. 10am to 12pm Drawing and Painting Class

* Intro: "Discover what you can do when coached by someone who's 'been there' .. illustrating everything from lunch boxes to baseball cards"

It all starts with a line --no, an idea. Then a question: "How?" Facing an empty canvas, how does an artist begin? (Or begin again!) Be willing to make that first mark - that first line. The rest will follow. Take it from there with 'art coach' Diana (DiDi) Martin. She'll instruct, encourage and help you with the practical aspects of visualizing your idea. Composition, line quality, color studies and more will be addressed. With her extensive background in art history, she'll also introduce you to artists who've 'been there', who've picked up a pencil to make that first mark.

Seasoned artists will find themselves challenged and 'newbies' will find it really does all start with a line. This interactive course is designed for artists of all skill levels to stretch and move into creative ways to bring your ideas to life.

Didi Martin is a certified Art Educator with a degree in Drawing and Painting from Vanderbilt University. Her work has been featured in commissions around the world, children’s books, sports illustrated and more. We have been lucky enough to have her as a resident of Medina since 1992!

*The class will begin with drawing. Pencils and paper will be provided  

*light refreshments provided.

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